Property Extensions in Brackley, Buckingham and Oxfordshire

Working out of Kidlington in Oxfordshire, our builders specialise in the construction of home and property extensions. We have a company portfolio on our website that showcases some of our previous room and property additions. Whatever your reasons for considering one of our home extensions, we want you to be happy with your choice and to always use us as your preferred builder. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience.

Local areas covered by DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd include Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney, but we can travel a little further afield if needed. As long as you are within easy reach of Kidlington, we’ll always be able to help and assist you.


Property extensions often prove to be much easier than our clients first imagine. Because we trade as design-and-build specialists, our company always finds a creative solution to issues with space and specification, no matter how big or small the project might be. We manage the entire process of home extensions from the planning through to the build.


The reasons for building property extensions, however, are entirely down to you.


Adding Value to a Home


While many of our customers have a practical reason for an extension, others come to us because they know an addition instantly increases the market value of a home. This is one of the reasons why we deal with landlords, letting companies and investors in the local Oxfordshire area as well as private homeowners, such is the potential return on investment.


Our builders understand the importance of budgets and timescales, and work to the agreed specification on home extensions so that you remain in complete control of the project.


Based on what you have to spend, DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd devises a creative, practical and innovative solution that’s pleasing to the eye, guaranteed to blend in seamlessly with your home’s current décor and attractive to potential buyers if you sell it on in the future.


Please contact us on 01865 848310 or 07740 486844 for consultations and quotations.


Lifestyle Adaptability


We’ve already met countless families in Kidlington and the surrounding Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney areas who first came to us with ideas on property extensions because of their growing families. Moving to a new home disrupts the family lifestyle, especially when the relocation takes children away from a good catchment area.


Home extensions eliminate the hassles associated with moving, ultimately leaving local families where they feel happiest and with extra time to spend together as a unit.


An extension modernises the home and changes the way people live inside it. For some of our Oxfordshire customers, the prospect of a new kitchen with sufficient space to seat everybody in the family at meal times is an attractive proposition. For others, the lure of some additional space for relaxing or socialising as a family proves just as invaluable.


Avoiding the Stress of a House Move


The previous section discusses the positive impact property extensions have on the entire family but for those who have to plan and coordinate the relocation, an extension also takes out the stress, the hassle and the unwelcome expense. DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd helps to reduce these worries, concerns over finding new schools or simply getting to work.


Quotations for removals soon add up when you factor in the labour, the hire of the vehicle and the time you lose from work if you take care of the entire relocation personally.


Add in that a larger property always comes at the expense of a more costly mortgage, and home extensions suddenly make perfect sense for those who simply want an easier life, or to those who prefer not to throw away the benefits associated with areas such as Kidlington or any of those in the Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney areas.


Good Use of Existing Space


Some people like a wealth of outdoor space, especially those who love to garden in their spare time or regularly have guests over for barbeques and other social occasions during the warmer summer months. For others, a large garden is often a drain on time and financial resources, especially when they have to outsource the upkeep to a maintenance company.


If outdoor space isn’t that important to you, property extensions allow you to capitalise on what’s available and to cash in on their residual value should you ever decide to sell.


At DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd, we design home extensions to the specification of the land you want to use. Wherever possible, we’ll do that in a way that avoids planning permission. If we do have to seek approval from your local authority, that’s something we take care of as a company. We never expect customers to be directly involved in the planning process.


Customised Construction


Homeowners in Kidlington and the neighbouring Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney areas often live in a place long enough for them to want just a little more from it. Property extensions allow them to be creative, and to incorporate certain elements that contribute towards a more desirable lifestyle. All it takes is the use of additional space.


We’ve built home extensions as kitchens with provisions for the latest appliances, bedrooms that allow for fitted wardrobes and playrooms which accommodate children of all ages.


Ultimately, our customers always retain the right to use an extension in a way that suits their lifestyles. It is the role of DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd to customise that space, and to build property extensions fit for purpose. Our initial visit to your property includes a free consultation where we discuss exactly what it is that you wish to achieve from a build.


Our builders cover Kidlington and the surrounding Oxfordshire area. Call us on 01865 848310 or 07740 486844 to arrange free quotations for property extensions.

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