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Property renovations and refurbishments have many crossover points so it’s very important to know the main differences between the two. Our valued Kidlington and Oxfordshire customers could save precious time and money by arranging quotations for the correct type of work. Some might want to make physical alterations to a home while others will just want to enhance the appearance to make a property appealing for a prospective tenant.

We discuss the variations between renovations and refurbishments on this page.


Kidlington is the home of DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd and we extend our services into the surrounding Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney areas.


The interchangeable nature of property renovations and refurbishments means we have to know exactly what our customers are asking for, what they want to achieve and how they expect us to go about the work. Interpreting their concepts is all part of the job and helping them to make the right choice is all part of our commitment to 100% client satisfaction.


Renovations and Refurbishments | The Key Differences


Knowing the key differences between property renovations and refurbishments will make a noticeable difference to the final appearance of a property after the completion of our work. At first glance, many of the differences are indistinguishable but the way we approach modifications at your Kidlington or Oxfordshire home will ultimately depend on whether the job falls into the property renovation category, or into the world of refurbishments.


A renovation, often referred to by some builders and tradesmen as remodelling work, is the conversion of existing living space, the replacement of damaged features or, on some of our larger projects, the full design and construction of a room addition or even an extension.


Property renovations ultimately improve homes in Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney where there is damage or maybe a need for modernisation.


Refurbishments differ mainly in their scale and usually focus on the restoration of a certain area or an individual item. This could include the plastering, decoration and painting of a room or restoring the overall condition of a property with some general maintenance work. Keep scale in mind, and knowing the differences between the two becomes much easier.


Choosing the Right Service


Always put some thought into the service you need or, if you can’t make a decision yourself, call DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd for advice. If you only need to restore the condition of a single room or want to give a home a basic makeover, this is a refurbishment. If you want to go deeper into repair and rectification, or if the job involves structural or construction work, these are property renovations. Think scale, and that usually gives you the answer you need.


Most people refurbish as an affordable way to let a property or to live in it themselves. Most people renovate with a view to the long-term and optimising their original investment.


As far as property renovations go, we often suggest that homeowners in Kidlington and the surrounding Oxfordshire area look at them as the creation of a new build inside one that already exists. Renovations, compared to refurbishments, have a stronger lean towards current building regulations and require the attention of a more reputable builder.


Our customers in Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham, Oxford and Witney, and even those living further afield, achieve premium living space with our property renovations.


If you still struggle to differentiate between renovations and refurbishments, call in DJT Builders (Oxfordshire) Ltd for an initial consultation and survey. We’ll help you to choose the right service, and provide the help and advice needed to be confident in your decision. Our company offers insurance-backed warranties for your reassurance and peace of mind.


Our builders cover Kidlington and the surrounding Oxfordshire area. Call us on 01865 848310 or 07740 486844 to arrange free quotations for property renovations.

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